Sunburned Hand of the Man - A

Posted 27/10/09

I have produced a new album by Sunburned Hand of the Man called "A" that is about to be released on Ecstatic Peace.  They have put together a beautiful vinyl package with artwork by Raymond Pettibon and it comes with a poster and a digital download.  The tracklist is:

1. The Return Of A & C
2. Now Lift The Outer Finger (For Newcastle)
3. Loft At Sea
4. A Red Rag To A Bull
5. Apollo Wind
6. The Books Of Ability
7. Anger Icon
8. A Sticky Wicket
9. Action Figure
10. Radish Vs. Beet
11. Alpha, Beta, Adam

The music was recorded in a studio in the woods in Vermont during the summer of 2008 and then I worked on edits of the recordings back home in London.

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