Posted 19/08/10


Rocketnumbernine - Matthew and Toby (TEXT008) by Four Tet

Here is a stream of the next release on my label Text Records by a band from London called Rocketnumbernine.  It will be released on September 20th on 12" and digital.

Rocketnumbernine toured the UK with me earlier this year and they were playing this track every night.  Each night the performances were getting more and more intense and blowing mine and the crowds minds.  By the end of the tour I knew we had to go into the studio and get a great recording made of Matthew and Toby.  We recorded all analogue to get the sound right and if you buy this on vinyl you will have a recording that has never touched a computer, which I think is the way it needs to be done sometimes.  I’ve done a remix for the b-side… more of a club version.

I discovered Rocketnumbernine through Steve Reid who was great friends with the drummer from the band, Tom Page, and you can hear Steve’s influence and spirit in this music without doubt.  Steve passed away just a couple of weeks before we made this recording and we have dedicated it to his memory.

Rocketnumbernine will be touring with me in the UK again this November.

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