Plastic People!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 06/09/10

I'm starting my residency at Plastic People in London again this weekend on Saturday 11th September.  I'll be there for the rest of the year on the second Saturday of the month.  Just me all night playing 5 to 6 hour sets.  The club was suffering from some trouble with councils and licenses and stuff earlier this year but everything is up and running again.  It's pretty much my favourite club to play at in the world and my residency there last year was where I tried out all the material from my recent album before it was released. 

I've done this new DJ mix to celebrate.  It's here through my Soundcloud page and you can download it from FACT magazine:

Return to Plastic People (September 2010) AKA FACT mix 182 by Four Tet

See you on Saturday.

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