One Little Plane - Into The Trees (TEXT014)

Posted 07/05/12

New release out on my label Text today is the new album by One Little Plane called Into The Trees.  You can listen to a preview of the whole thing here:

It's available here:



And the full details of the album are:

One Little Plane
Into The Trees

1.  She was out in the water
2.  Nothing has changed
3.  Paper planes
4.  It's alright
5.  Hold you down
6.  Bloom
7.  If you ask
8.  Simmer down simmer
9.  I know
10. Synthesizer

Written by Kathryn Bint
Copyright control
Produced by Kieran Hebden

Recorded by David Wrench at Bryn Derwen Studios except tracks 4 and 6 recorded by Kieran Hebden.
Mixed by David Wrench and Kieran Hebden at Miloco Studios.

Kathryn Bint - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Lucy Jamieson - Drums and Percussion
Henry Scowcroft - Guitars
Colin Greenwood - Bass
Kieran Hebden - Guitars
Tallulah Hebden - Womb vibrations

Additional vocals on "Simmer down simmer" by Caleb Groh.

Artwork by Jason Evans and Matthew Cooper
Photography by Jason Evans

RocketNumberNine Gilles Peterson session

Posted 22/09/10

RocketNumberNine did an amazing session for Gilles Peterson's Radio 1 show this week.  Three live tracks and an interview and they play the remix I did for them.  You can listen here for the next week:


Posted 19/08/10


Rocketnumbernine - Matthew and Toby (TEXT008) by Four Tet

Here is a stream of the next release on my label Text Records by a band from London called Rocketnumbernine.  It will be released on September 20th on 12" and digital.

Rocketnumbernine toured the UK with me earlier this year and they were playing this track every night.  Each night the performances were getting more and more intense and blowing mine and the crowds minds.  By the end of the tour I knew we had to go into the studio and get a great recording made of Matthew and Toby.  We recorded all analogue to get the sound right and if you buy this on vinyl you will have a recording that has never touched a computer, which I think is the way it needs to be done sometimes.  I’ve done a remix for the b-side… more of a club version.

I discovered Rocketnumbernine through Steve Reid who was great friends with the drummer from the band, Tom Page, and you can hear Steve’s influence and spirit in this music without doubt.  Steve passed away just a couple of weeks before we made this recording and we have dedicated it to his memory.

Rocketnumbernine will be touring with me in the UK again this November.

Sunburned Hand of the Man - A

Posted 27/10/09

I have produced a new album by Sunburned Hand of the Man called "A" that is about to be released on Ecstatic Peace.  They have put together a beautiful vinyl package with artwork by Raymond Pettibon and it comes with a poster and a digital download.  The tracklist is:

1. The Return Of A & C
2. Now Lift The Outer Finger (For Newcastle)
3. Loft At Sea
4. A Red Rag To A Bull
5. Apollo Wind
6. The Books Of Ability
7. Anger Icon
8. A Sticky Wicket
9. Action Figure
10. Radish Vs. Beet
11. Alpha, Beta, Adam

The music was recorded in a studio in the woods in Vermont during the summer of 2008 and then I worked on edits of the recordings back home in London.