Plastic People!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 06/09/10

I'm starting my residency at Plastic People in London again this weekend on Saturday 11th September.  I'll be there for the rest of the year on the second Saturday of the month.  Just me all night playing 5 to 6 hour sets.  The club was suffering from some trouble with councils and licenses and stuff earlier this year but everything is up and running again.  It's pretty much my favourite club to play at in the world and my residency there last year was where I tried out all the material from my recent album before it was released. 

I've done this new DJ mix to celebrate.  It's here through my Soundcloud page and you can download it from FACT magazine:

Return to Plastic People (September 2010) AKA FACT mix 182 by Four Tet

See you on Saturday.

T-Shirts Available

Posted 03/09/10

There are now new Four Tet t-shirts available!  They can be ordered from this website:

I've been getting asked for ages where you can buy Four Tet t-shirts online so we've finally got a website set up for this.  It's very rare that I have t-shirts with me for sale at shows so this is the best place to get hold of them.


Posted 03/09/10

I'm going to be doing a show in an Oxfam shop in London on the 30th September as part of the Oxjam series of events.  I can't believe I've been asked to play in an Oxfam shop and a gig that small should be mad fun.  There are limited tickets available for this at £25 each which is a lot more than it usually costs to see me play but all the money made at these events is going to Oxfam, so it's all good really.  Here are links with more information about tickets etc:

Fabric This Friday

Posted 01/09/10

I'm playing at Fabric in Room 1 on Friday and it's a big lineup with Joe Goddard from Hot Chip, Jamie xx, SBTRKT and loads of other great acts.  Last time I did Fabric back in February it was a huge night so I'm really looking forward to this one.  You can get more details and tickets and stuff from the Fabric website:

New 12” On Soul Jazz

Posted 02/08/10

I've got a new song out called Nothing To See on a split 12" with Mala on Soul Jazz records.  I put a clip from the track up on the site a few weeks ago.  These tracks are from a new compilation album called Future Bass that is coming out in September.  You can buy the 12" and mp3s here:

Live at Melt!

Posted 02/08/10

RBMA Radio recorded my set at Melt! festival in Germany the other week and now they've got it streaming on their website:   I totally loved Melt!... one of the best festivals I've been to this year so far.  They also have sets of mine from the past still streaming that they have recorded over the years. 


Posted 02/08/10


Audioscope is an event that happens in Oxford which I played at a few years ago.  All the money made by Audioscope goes to the charity Shelter.  Audioscope have now got a CD out with exclusive tracks from loads of the artists that have played at their events and I have a new track on there titled "Audioscope".  You can buy this release and also get more info here:

London Coronet Flyer

Posted 26/07/10

EYOE flyer

Italian Tour

Posted 24/07/10

I'm very happy to announce a tour in Italy this November.  The dates are:

4th  Circolo Degli Artisti - Rome, Italy
5th  Club To Club - Torino, Italy
6th  Locomotiv Club - Bologna, Italy

The Club to Club lineup is great this year with Caribou, James Holden, Joy Orbison, Floating Points and many others.  Caribou are playing the Bologna date too.

Club to Club Facebook page:

Jon Hopkins Remix Swap

Posted 22/07/10

I posted a remix that Jon Hopkins did of Angel Echoes here a little while back, and now I have done a remix of one of his tracks to return the favour.  So here is my remix of the Jon Hopkins track "Vessel" which will be released on 12" by Domino in a few weeks with a Nathan Fake remix on the other side.

Jon Hopkins - Vessel (Four Tet remix) by Four Tet

Jon Hopkins has just been confirmed as support on my US tour in October.

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