Live In NYC Recording

Posted 06/03/10

I just got given a nice recording of my recent live show in New York.  I've put it up on Soundcloud so you can check it out.  Thanks to everyone who came out to shows on the US tour and helped to make them great fun.

Live at LPR NYC 17th Feb 2010 by Four Tet

Roska Added To London Show

Posted 06/03/10

Roska has just been added as support for my show at the Village Underground in London on May 30th.  Roska did a great remix of Love Cry for me and has a new album about to come out on Rinse that is going to be well worth checking out.

Pictures From The Dome

Posted 14/02/10

Photos from my show in London the other night by Jason Evans.  Lighting by Ed (Next Level Lights).  Thanks to everyone that came to the show and who helped to make it happen!

Essential Mix

Posted 13/02/10

I've put the Essential Mix I did for Radio 1 up on my Soundcloud page because you can't stream it from the BBC site anymore:

Essential mix (January 2010) by Four Tet

Village Underground Date Change

Posted 13/02/10

The date for my show at the Village Underground in London has been moved from April to May 30th which is on a bank holiday weekend.  Tickets for the original date will still be valid.  I have also had to cancel shows I had planned in Copenhagen and Malmo in April due to some scheduling problems but am hoping to reschedule these dates soon. 

North American Vinyl

Posted 01/02/10

There have been some delays on the vinyl for North America of the new album due to some problems with the manufacturing.  I've just heard that the stock is now ready though and will be in the shops on February 23rd.  They already have it in stock direct from Domino Records USA if you want to get it sooner:

There have also been some delays on vinyl in the UK too due to manufacturing problems but it should be back in stock very soon. 

Radio 1 Essential Mix

Posted 27/01/10

I had the honor of doing the BBC Radio 1 Essential mix last weekend.  You can stream the mix on the Radio 1 website for the next few days and they've just given me this player so you can listen here too:

The tracklisting is:

1.   Four Tet - Angel Echoes - Domino
2.   Floating Points - Vacuum - Eglo
3.   Robert Owens - Bring Down The Walls - Trax
4.   STL - Jungle Sometimes - Something Records
5.   Oni Ayhun  - OAR003 B - Oni Ayhun records
6.   Weather Report - Non-Stop Home - CBS
7.   DJ Sprinkles - Grand Central pt1 (MCDE bassline dub) - Mule Musiq
8.   Four Tet - Sing - Domino
9.   Benge - 1981 Yamaha CS70M - Expanding Records
10. Joy Orbison - So Derobe - AUS music
11. Melchior Productions - Different Places - Perlon
12. Dem 2 - Luv's Hard - New York Soundclash records
13. Seelenluft - Manila (Manitoba remix) - Klein
14. William Onyearbor - When the going is smooth and good - Wilfilms
15. Pryda - Muranyi - Balaton
16. Moodymann - Det.Riot - KDJ
17. Zomby - Digital Fauna - Brainmath
18. Joyce - Aldela De Ogum - Odeon
19. Joe Goddard - Apple Bobbing (Four Tet remix) - Greco Roman
20. Cassy - Soul Saviour - Perlon
21. One Little Plane - Lotus Flower (Avus she's singing mix) - Text
22. Hardhouse Banton - Reign - Spoilt Rotten Enterrtainment
23. Four Tet - Sing (Floating Points remix) - Domino
24. Troy Pierce - Oxytocin - M_nus
25. Laurie Spiegel - Patchwork - Philo
26. Eluvium - The Motion Makes Me Last (Four Tet remix) - Temporary Residence

Album Artwork

Posted 27/01/10

Here's a great article from a Japanese website about the making of the artwork for the new album.  It's all in Japanese which I can't read, so I've only been able to get a rough idea of what they are saying using the google translator, but the pictures give you a good idea of the detailed work that went into the making of the cover image.

There Is Love In You Released Today!

Posted 25/01/10

tiliy lp

The new Four Tet album "There Is Love In You" is now in the shops on vinyl, CD and digital download.  The vinyl comes in very nice sleeve with a free download of the album.  Get yourself a copy from your local independent record shop. Thanks for all the great comments from the stream I put on Soundcloud last week.  Glad people seem to be getting into the new music.

Vinyl Not Limited

Posted 22/01/10

I have seen sites selling the vinyl of my new album claiming that the release is limited to 500 copies.  This is not true and it is my understanding that enough vinyl will be pressed as there is demand for.  Sorry if this false information has got anybody worried about getting hold of a copy.  We have had a few manufacturing problems with the release though so their might be some delay on stock getting to shops.

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