Burial + Four Tet - Nova

Posted 05/03/12

Burial + Four Tet - Nova by Four Tet

Live At The South Bank

Posted 12/09/11

south bank

Kieran Hebden, Steve Reid and Mats Gustafsson - Live at the South Bank...  Double LP and CD to be released on Smalltown Superjazz on November 15th.  This is a recording of a one off concert we did together in London on the 20th June 2009.


Disc 1:

01 Morning Prayer
02 Lyman Place
03 People Be Happy

Disc 2:

01 Untitled
02 25th Street
03 The Sun Never Sets

Eleven Tokyo

Posted 30/08/11


Photograph by Jason Evans. Taken during my DJ set at Eleven this year.


Posted 16/08/11

Locked (TEXT011) by Four Tet

Radiohead Remix

Posted 30/07/11

My remix of Radiohead's Seperator is streaming on their soundcloud and their website now.  Here it is:

Radiohead - Separator (Four Tet RMX) by Radiohead

Fabriclive59 Launch Party and DJ Tour

Posted 21/07/11

Friday 23rd September 2011

Room 1

Four Tet (DJ set)
Caribou (DJ Set)
Trevor Jackson
Jacques Greene (Live)
RocketNumberNine (Live)

Room 2


Pearson Sound
Dreadnought (Live)
Elgato B2B Billy Blanks
Hosted by MC Chunky

Room 3


Alexander Nut
Josey Rebelle
Hosted by Fatima

Tickets available here:

This date is part of a DJ tour I'm doing to celebrate the release of Fabriclive59.  Dates so far are:


21st Acetate @ Wire, Leeds (with Ben UFO)
22nd Rex, Paris (with Floating Points)
23rd Fabric, London
24th Warehouse Project, Manchester
25th Trouw, Amsterdam (with Floating Points)


Posted 14/07/11


I've got a Fabric mix cd coming out on September 19th...  Been talking about it on twitter the last few months.  Here's the tracklist:

1. Intro
2. Michael Redolfi – Immersion Partielle [INA-GRM]
3. Crazy Bald Heads – First Born [On-Tick]
4. Persian – Feel Da Vibe [Same People]
5. KH – 101112 [unreleased]
6. Youngstar (Musical Mob) – Pulse X [Inspired Sounds]
7. Crazy Bald Heads – First Born (Four Tet Remix) [unreleased]
8. Floating Points – Sais (dub) [Eglo]
9. Apple – Mr Bean [Appsolute]
10. Manitoba – Webers [Leaf]
11. Big Bird – Flav (Urban Myths Remix) [Nice n Ripe]
12. Genius – Waiting [Kronik]
13. Four Tet – Fabric [unreleased]
14. David Borden – The Continuing Story of Counterpoint Part Nine [David Borden]
15. STL – Dark Energy [Something]
16. Percussions – Percussions One [unreleased]
17. C++ – Angie’s Fucked [Music For Freaks]
18. Burial – Street Halo [Hyperdub]
19. KMA – Cape Fear [KMA]
20. WK7 – Higher Power [Power House]
21. Ricardo Villalobos – Sieso [Cadenza]
22. Four Tet – Pyramid [Text]
23. Red Rack ‘em – How I Program [Bergerac]
24. Active Minds – Hobson’s Choice (Tune For Da Man Dem) [white]
25. Armando Gallop & Steve Poindexter – Blackholes [Muzique]
26. Outro
27. Four Tet – Locked [Text]

They are doing pre-orders here:

Early Releases

Posted 21/04/11

Here are some of my early releases from back in the 90's.  They've not been easily availble for a while so I thought it was time to get them out there again.  Downloads are working at the moment but that is going to be for a limited time only.

Thirtysixtwentyfive (Output, 1998) by Four Tet Glasshead (Output, 1999) by Four Tet Calamine (Radio mix) (Output, 1999) by Four Tet

Coronet Film

Posted 15/04/11

A set of films of the show I did last year at the Coronet in London has been made by Fay Buzzard.  There are 3 full tracks of mine and a short documentary about the night, as well as films of all the other acts that played on the night too.  Everything is up to watch on youtube now:



Posted 24/03/11


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